Online Activation (US)


Thank you very much for purchasing a Speechi licence. This email describes your Speechi activation procedure.

1) Download Speechi and launch the licence manager
  • Launch PowerPoint. A Speechi menu appears (this menu is
    included in "Add-ins" if you are using Powerpoint 2007)
  • Click on "Licence manager" in the Speechi menu.

2) Activate your Speechi licence

Just click on the "Activate" button related to your licence.


gestion des licences











Speechi connects to the online database and asks for your login and password...


Gestion des licences










... then activates your licence.


gestion des licences











3) Access your online information.

Here is your URL to access your online information (use Internet Explorer).

If your security parameters do not allow you to use our automated online procedure, you can generate and disable your licence codes using the Speechi online licence manager (online manager documentation). You should then paste your licence codes using the above "Offline" button.

You can now start working with Speechi !

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